Leagoo S10: amazingly fast phone with in-screen fingerprint reader

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I preordered the Leagoo S10 and it finally came in. The specs on this phone are absolutely incredible:

  • Helio P60 octa core CPU
  • ARM G72 MP3 GPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 128 GB ROM
  • 6.21″ AMOLED display (1080×2248)
  • Dual SIM w/ MicroSD card slot
  • Lots of frequency coverage for US carriers
  • In-Screen fingerprint reader
  • 4050 mAh battery

The phone is super fast. For the price, I can’t imagine a better phone. I can’t believe how fast apps and games run. The screen is very bright, and I believe the 128GB of memory will last me a very long time.

Some specs are optimal. The camera can only record 1080p video. There’s no headphone jack (it does come with a USB-C headphone and USB-C headphone jack adaptor.

I’ve run into a couple problems. First: I couldn’t use mobile data. Calls worked, but web sites didn’t. I spent quite a bit of time going through mobile networks figuring out how to get mobile data working. I’ve seen where switching from 4G to 3G enable different antennas. Nothing worked. I couldn’t get a single bit of data on the phone. I turned on roaming and moved around trying to get better antenna signal. Nothing.

Finally, I went into settings -> network and internet -> data usage, where I saw that Mobile Data was turned off from the factory. As soon I switched that on, I was good to go with 4G on T-Mobile.

I also have a problem with my in-screen fingerprint reader. I was able to register a fingerprint as I set up the phone, but I’ve never once been able to unlock the phone with my fingerprint. Sometimes I get a red warning that “Fingerprint reader is dirty. Please clean and try again.” When I’m able to get the bluish-green glow that the phone is trying to read my fingerprint, but it never reads anything.

I went to add additional fingerprints, but when I do the phone says “Enrollment was not completed. Fingerprint enrollment didn’t work. Try again or use a different finger.” That message shows up immediately as the fingerprint registration screen scrolls into view. This implies my fingerprint reader is dead. I haven’t heard back from Leagoo yet.

I turned on facial recognition. It gave me tons of warnings that this really is t a very secure feature. It said that someone could hack my phone with a photo or some other device. I’m not too worried about it, and the facial recognition is pretty fast and easy.

I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m looking forward to using this phone for a long time.

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