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One of the interesting news stories from April 2018 was that Google updated their AIY kits. These are do-it-yourself artificial intelligence kits that Google has created to teach people about artificial intelligence through kits they can build and experiment with.

When I clicked on the Google AYI page, I noticed that you can buy the kits through Target. I purchased one of each, and during the checkout process, I noticed that I could pick up my kit at my nearby Target store. I was shocked! I also noticed that Target suggested that I add a Raspberry Pi 3B to my shopping cart, which I did. The Raspberry Pi was also available for pickup at my local Target store as well.

This is an incredible day for SBC hobbyists. Raspberry Pi and AIY are being sold in a major retail chain. Remember, Google’s new AIY projects include Raspberry Pi Zero WH (with headers). You used to have to supply a SBC yourself. Pretty much all Target stores in my metro area (about a dozen) are stocked with Google AIY and Raspberry Pi.

One suggestion: if you’re considering buying a Google AIY or Raspberry Pi 3B (last year’s model), please see if you can buy one from your local Target. It’s so easy to get this stuff from Amazon or Ebay. It sends a message when we choose to buy products from them directly. If Target sees that products like these really do sell, then it’s more likely that that they will add similar IoT and SBC products to their stores. And other retailers may follow suit.

Target sells Google AIY kits

Target sells Raspberry Pi!

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